"An Extravagance of Laughter", installation shot, 2016-17. 
single channel video, video projector, screen mesh, wood barrels. 

This video is comprised of appropriated stock images following the search term "white people". Video from studio performances featuring various masks is also featured, as well as clips from the film adaptation of Erskine Caldwell's play "Tobacco Road". These references are a contemporary response to Ralph Ellison's depiction of race in America in his 1984 essay "An Extravagance of Laughter". In the essay, Ellison recalls an experience watching this play among an all-white audience and cast. His uncontrollable laughter brings forward memories of Black folk tale of the Laughing Barrel as a means of policing Black laughter. 

documentation of installation at Sector 2337. Video projected through wooden barrel, featuring excerpts from "Tobacco Road" by Erskine Caldwell, racist propaganda from youtube and original performance footage. The installation references an essay by the same name written by Ralph Ellison and the folk lore of the "laughing barrel". 


"pro bono publico", 2017. Wood barrel, laser etched plexiglass


 "pro bono publico", 2017. Wood barrel, laser etched plexiglass


installation view, "An Extravagance of Laughter", 2016-17


"the dark consubstantial shadow", 2016
plaster, cement, graphite, charred wood