"MUCKMUCK", 2013

sculptural construction comprised of: wooden under-structure, caster wheels, chiffon, chicken wire, hair extensions, urethane foam, panty hose, balloons, acrylic paint, and spray paint


"MUCKMUCK", 2013
 i-phone still image


still from "MUCKMUCK \/ Monica Panzarino", 2014

MUCKMUCK\/Monica Panzarino, 2014

MUCK MUCK (played by Daniel Giles) is a name taken from the title of a song by seminal American jazz musician, Sun Ra. In the song “Muck Muck”, Sun Ra warns the listener to “watch out for Muck Muck!” Throughout the song Muck Muck remains an undescribed yet threatening entity, both a phobogenic object and source of dance inspiration (“do the Muck-Muck-Muck, the Mubbly-Muck!”).

In the Urban Dictionary, the name “Muck Muck” is said to signify a range of human and non human referents. From Chinese food, to a person of Middle eastern descent; to Appalachian “white trash” or someone of ambiguous ethnic origins,”Muck Muck” signifies the embodiment of cultural difference and disprized corporeality. A primordial archetype of (hyper)(non) being.

MONICA PANZARINO is originally from New York City; currently living and working in Chicago, Illinois.  Received a BFA in 2002 from the New York State College of Ceramics @ Alfred University, and a MFA from the School of the Art Institue of Chicago in 2011.  Work in video, sound and performance has exhibited both nationally and internationally.  Recent venues include the 2011 Chicago Underground Film Festival, the European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück, Germany, video_dumbo in Brooklyn, New York, the 7th Busan International Video Festival in Busan, South Korea, the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, the Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art in Nashville, Tennessee, and K Space Contemporary in Corpus Christi,