My work concerns itself with how we collectively construct culture, identity and ideology and how these positions get expressed through visual culture and historical narratives. My friend Latham Owen Zearfoss generously and concisely described my practice recently:

“I see in much of his work this central empathic question: how does one counter culture (lovingly), in order to reclaim it? This resonates with me because I’m always asking where (the fuck) do I fit in and do I even want to be there?”

My objects and performances respond to these conditions through permutations and experiments with culturally loaded materials and social scenarios. I often utilize the visual methods of consumer media, protest and art historical tropes to address issues of political speech, visibility, difference and the act of looking itself.

I’m interested in the chain of signification that takes place within the process of identifying bodies and objects in space. Through much of my work, I address the ways in which bodies, objects and spaces each perform to inform how we relate to each other and ourselves. Art is where materiality, history and lived experience rub together and where memory, perception and language coalesce to form new meaning. This space of potentiality is what motivates me to create.